Collective Dreams Project


collective dreams projects by Patrick de Warren.

collective dreams project by Patrick de Warren.



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"Collective Dreams Project "is a new inspiration generating enterprise aimed at unfolding authentic, unique and heroic human endeavors in the form of creative process, which, in itself, will be a force of liberation of the human spirit from the bondage of the mundane.



As individuals, we are regularly haunted by instances of limitation on professional, social, economic and creative levels, unsurpassable boundaries, inhibitions, obstructions and suppression which we experience personally and globally. Those limitations, to a very large extent, we either impose on ourselves or allow room for them to enter from the world around us. And yet, there will always exist exceptional cases of individuals and organizations who manage to accomplish the unthinkable and to break the boundaries of convention. On a more personal level, each individual has made certain life decisions in an extremely sincere, brave and creative way which was true to their heart and against multiple odds. Collective unconscious calls this phenomenon "following one's dream."